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The growing demand for technology resources is motivating students of all ages to transition directly from the classroom to the work place. As a result traditional learning methods must be partnered with work place skills development in order to meet the needs of the growing industry.

Innovative Leadership Program (ILP) has the solution for the increased demand for creative skills development. Our Career Based Education offerings are practical, skills based and designed in collaboration with market demands as defined in collaboration with potential employers.

ILP offers a variety of progressively administered – hands on programs – accelerating our participantso information technology and business skills. Our program facilitate our learners personal growth by preparing them for academic advancement, internships, and/or industry positions.

Students will need core academic knowledge to provide a foundation for learning, yet they will also need skills and attributes that go beyond academics.

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....Businesses like Siemens are looking for qualified workers to expand and improve their STEM workforce. America’s young adults face the unique challenge of competing for 21st century jobs with international peers, while also facing significant barriers to postsecondary education and training that adequately prepares them for work. Addressing this disconnect is critical for America’s employers and the next generation of workers. Many of these jobs require competencies in science, technology, engineering, and math, or a combination of these STEM fields.

Siemens Foundation


To develop innovate leaders, through creative learning opportunities for the under-represented in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and Business.


Innovative Leadership Program (ILP) works to educate students with the toolkits to unlock their career and/or entrepreneurial potential by offering training classes and seminars on technology topics.


Engage and encourage students and adult learners to pursue a career in STEM through career based learning, leadership development and execution of their personal career roadmap.

Computer Basics, CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ are the tiers of our IT Program. Studies show that to do well on performance based exams learners must obtain a skill not just memorize the subject matter. We help our pupils to retain knowledge more broadly by employing a reverberation method of delivering content. Online videos, lectures, notes, simulations, and hands on experiences are administered in accordance with a verified scheme facilitating the ability to perform technology tasks.

CompTIA A+ certification validates understanding of the most common hardware and software technologies in business and certifies the skills necessary to support complex IT infrastructures.

CompTIA Network+ validates the essential knowledge and skills needed to confidently design, configure, manage and troubleshoot any wired and wireless networks.

CompTIA Security+ As a benchmark for best practices in IT security, this certification covers the essential principles for network security and risk management – making it an important stepping stone of an IT security career.

Information Technology Program

Application Development Program

ILP’s App Development Training Programs are designed to help our members define, build and work on real-world applications. They will also learn best practices in these areas. The goal is to develop the basic development skills required to create enterprise applications and major mobile device players including Apple iOS and Google Android.

Our program is structured to provide the following:

  • Learn basic through advanced object orientated programming languages
  • Develop software engineering processes and methodology
  • Develop the skills required to create multi-tiered applications
  • Understand DevOps challenges that will impact development
  • Learn how to effectively use application architectures
  • Introduce factors to consider when designing software for multiple platforms
  • Understand how to leverage cloud computing, containers, and social networking platforms
  • Gain insight into new trends in the marketplace both development and operations

Communications for Technology Leaders allows each participant to bring to life a STEM topic that they are passionate about. There are four elements to the course:

  1. A written research paper
  2. Executive Report (PowerPoint Presentation)
  3. Storyboard Presentation
  4. Oral Presentation

The course is executed using the project based learning approach, to make the experience more work based relevant.

Students become more engaged through active participation in projects that focus on real-world topics. Students that complete the course requirements have the opportunity to present their projects to local corporate executives, government leaders, and academic leaders during the ILP Annual STEM Summit. Upon completion the students will have material to incorporate into their professional portfolio which can be leveraged to demonstrate talents to future employers.

Communications for Technology Leaders


The number of students who ultimately pursue advanced degrees and careers in STEM fields and broaden the participation of women and minorities in those fields.


The STEM-capable workforce and broaden the participation of women and minorities in that workforce.


STEM literacy for all students, including those who do not pursue STEM-related careers or additional study in the STEM disciplines.

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